Subject Courses

Course list:

Ayb School offers the following subject courses: Armenian language, English language, mathematics (algebra, geometry and logic), physics, biology and chemistry.

Course benefits:

  • Advanced knowledge of the subject(s)
  • Higher achievements
  • Better chance to get through 9th grade exams with success
  • Better preparedness for Ayb School admission exams

In addition, all participants will have a bonus training that will teach how to make a mindmap and useful notes.

Who are eligible:

  • 7th-9th grade students
  • Students, who want to improve their knowledge
  • Students, who want to be admitted to Ayb School

The duration of each course is dependent on the subject peculiarities, curriculum and the participants' proficiency level.

Important: These courses help Ayb School applicants to prepare for the admission exams and deepen knowledge, however, they can’t guarantee the participants’ admission to the school.

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