Mobistudio club

Projects: Ayb News, 4+1, Flora and Fauna

1.Project: Ayb News

Description: Forewarned is forearmed. Being aware of this principle, Ayb School students are going to publish Ayb News daily newsfeed. To prepare video materials, the students will use smartphones and other devices meant for smartphone shooting. It’s also supposed that a NO COMMENT video will be published once a week.

Result: establishment of a mini mobile TV studio, journalistic proficiency of club members, rapid development of the project in case of relevant investments.

2.Project: 4+1

Description: Let’s remember and honor our greats. Mobistudio students will pay tribute to 4 prominent Armenian figures. They will select some museum photographs that were damaged due to improper maintenance conditions, create a digital photo gallery and gift it to the museum.

Result: digital photo gallery and a big poster of digital photos to be gifted to the museum on behalf of Ayb School

3.Project: Flora and Fauna

Description: The 2 above mentioned projects require advanced smartphone skills that need to be applied in other fields as well. During the learning process, Ayn students will take dozens of photographs and videos, the best of which will be displayed at a digital exhibition. There will be also thematic tasks on environment protection called Flora and Fauna.

Mentor: Erik Antaranyan


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