Green Chemistry club

1.Project: Aybplast

Description: The aim of Aybplast project is to invent ecologically clean substitutes for the harmful substances. Applying their knowledge in chemistry, the students conducted a research and produced starch-based biodegradable plastic bags that can be used instead of plastics made of oilstock.

By the way, Ayb School’s Green Chemistry club has already won “100 ideas about Armenia” and Diamond Challenge Armenia contests, as well as the School for Environment contest held annually by the Goethe Institute.

Result: production of biodegradable plastic bags (this year’s objective will be technology development and device design)

2.Project: Flavors of Armenia

Description: Whether we like it or not, we use chemical detergents, which can be extremely dangerous for health. That is the reason why Green Chemistry club undertook the task of making a soap from natural ingredients, using old Armenian recipes.

Result: production of natural washing agents and organization of their sale

Mentors: Levon Sargsyan, Lilit Hambardzumyan


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