David Pakhchanian

Activity at Ayb

Co-founder of Ayb School and Ayb Educational Foundation

Ayb School Board of Trustees member in 2011-2015

Dilijan Central School Foundation’s Board of Trustees chairman in 2011-2013 and 2015-2019

Ayb School senior mentor for 8 students.


Graduate of Yerevan Physics and Mathematics Specialized School. Alumnus of Moscow Physics and Technology Institute in 1992 and Moscow Economic School in 2010.

Professional activity

Started professional career at Avit company as a manager.

Co-founder and executive director (till 2013) of Aerosib air carrier.

RA Deputy Minister of Defense in 2016-2018, chairman of the state military industry committee.

Co-founder and Board of Trustees chairman at Arar Civilizational Research Foundation.

Founder of a number of enterprises.



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