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Ayb High School is the first non-governmental social project in Armenia. In order to provide equal opportunities to all students irrespective of family’s financial standing, a special scholarship system has been developed. Presently, over 75% of Ayb High School students get their tuition fee reimbursed.

Ayb School was established in 2011 as one of the most significant and large-scale programs of the Ayb Educational Foundation. It became a laboratory, where the best teaching technologies and methods are being developed and improved.

Ayb Learning Hub consists of Elementary School (1st- 4th grades), Middle School (5th-9th grades) and High School (10th-12th grades). It has over 450 students, who are citizens of Armenia and foreign countries (about 10%).

Systematic teaching lies at the heart of Ayb School educational methodology. Ayb specialists organize the learning process to engage students in various activities, thus letting them check and apply their skills, develop their abilities and teamwork habits, as well as decide on their future specialization.

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