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05 - RA Constitution Day (day off)

06 - Graduation and Mentorship Ceremony

07 - Vardavar: Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ

13 - 10 Years Later: Alumni Letter Book Opening Ceremony

Ayb School

Comprehend and Create!

Ayb Learning Hub (Ayb School) is one of the most significant and large-scale projects of the Ayb Educational Foundation. It is the first school environment where every element is education-oriented and contributes to the formation of intelligent, competitive and virtuous generations. It is a new learning environment where national ideas provide inspiration for the development of unique educational technologies, and highest achievements of modern teaching are implemented to improve competitiveness of Armenian education.

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8 Characteristics ofAybStudent

Knowledgeable and creative

Harmonizing knowledge and action, as well as finding proper balance between theory and practice are the golden rules of Ayb educational philosophy. Ayb School student creates through learning and learns through creating.


Self-motivated and balanced

An initiative-taking person is not only a self-starter, but also one who has the grit to see things through to completion. However, every initiative should be balanced: it requires reason, wisdom, seriousness, inner calmness and outward restraint.


Vigilant and open

Vigilant means not only being on alert, watchful and cautious, but also inwardly attentive and careful. Ayb student is encouraged to follow not only own interest and point of view, but also to be open to sharing with others and accepting from others with grace.


Prudent and caring

Ayb student must strive not only to acquire knowledge but also to be virtuous, benevolent and prudent. Conceiving and discovering the good is the driver of creative knowledge. The kindness of our thoughts should also be reflected in our actions: Ayb student must be caring.

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