Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the supreme governing body of Ayb School, which is elected to serve unsalaried for a 2-year term. The Board includes representatives of the Ayb community and experts in the field of education and public relations, as well as Ayb School donors, who share Ayb values and philosophy.

The Board of Trustees is led by the chairman, who is appointed by its members for a 2-year term.

The Board of Trustees has undertaken the mission to stimulate fundraising activities, facilitate the educational process and improve the school management system.

The Board of Trustees participates in the development of Ayb development strategy, assists in accurate assignment of raised funds and their spending, approves the candidacy of Ayb School Director, consults the school administration, contributes to attracting investments and other material resources, as well as monitors the overall learning and teaching process.

The Board of Trustees outlines the criteria and procedure of selecting students and teachers and sets school education standards.

The Board of Trustees members are:

Ian Craig
Visiting Professor at UCL Institute of Education
Great Britain

Anahit Adamyan
Ayb Club member

Arthur Alaverdyan
Ayb Club member

Lusine Galajyan
Izmirlian Foundation Country Director

Sargis Badalyan
Ayb Club member

Vasken Yacoubian
AGBU Armenia President

The protocols of Ayb School Board of Trustees meetings are available below:

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