In its 8-year history, Ayb School has had 259 alumni (as of July 2018), who now study at the best universities in Armenia and abroad, upholding the school’s image globally.
After graduation, the students did not bid farewell to school but united into the Alumni Club to participate in the initiatives launched by the Ayb School and Educational Foundation, or join the school's administrative staff. The main objective of the Alumni Club is to contribute to the establishment of the alumni community and strengthen ties between the graduates and the school, thus stimulating potential development. The programs implemented by the Alumni Club are aimed at formation of peer mentorship, close cooperation between the teachers and students, as well as organization of interesting events.

Alumni Club members come up with various initiatives: they brought to life the Cool Summer and Cool Fall educational projects in 2013 and the traditional Ayb Christmas Fair in 2016. Aybfest event that aimed to unite the alumni and students was the other brainchild of the Alumni Club.

Besides, the graduates often meet with the students to exchange experience and knowledge. For example, Ayb alumni, who now continue education at Berkley University, organized a meeting to tell about studying abroad, while another graduate offered a design masterclass. Participating in various events, Ayb graduates are inseparable and vital part of school life. Ayb alumni choir, Battle of Evermore rock band and Arvestanots club serve as a vivid example of this connection.

Ayb alumni choir is the school’s pride. The young talents have already taken stage both in Armenia and abroad (France and Greece). Battle of Evermore rock band comprises Ayb graduates from different years, who give concerts in Yerevan and other Armenian cities. As for Arvestanots club, it includes talented Ayb painters, who made mark during the Rockapatkerum project in 2017.

Some of the alumni became Ayb employees, joining the administration and the national program for educational excellence, as well as the school’s song-and-dance, contest organizing and IT teams. They also get involved in various initiatives on a voluntary basis or participate in practical courses.

Ayb School graduates prove the viability of Ayb’s vision for the future that already springs into the society and starts blooming, with its set of values, creative ideas and aspirations.

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