Ayb Community: Environment and People


Ayb Learning Hub sits on 6,95 hectares of land. It has four buildings with total area 8300m2, which can house 800 students and are equipped with modern educational technologies, robotics, chemistry, physics and biology laboratories, workshop laboratory, sports facility and concert hall.


The idea of changing life through education has united people, who soared to success thanks to the knowledge they acquired and stood ready to use their time, finances and authority to boost the development of Armenian education. Unlikely as it might seem not long ago, the dream came true through the joint efforts of these people and with assistance from numerous like-minders, donors and supporters across the world. They teamed up to create Ayb School, an institution that can now justly be regarded as a milestone in the history of modern Armenia.

Teachers and Staff

Ayb School has over 220 employees (administrative staff and teachers). Some of them also serve for other Ayb structures: Educational Foundation and Dilijan Central School. The teachers are Ayb’s key to success, as it’s impossible to imagine a good educational environment without skilled specialists. We are happy that numerous professionals from Armenia and abroad have joined our mission to build a 21st century Armenian learning environment. Choosing the teaching staff for the Ayb School, we set out to recruit people, who are deeply engaged in public life and are capable not only to convey their knowledge and experience to the students but also to guide and motivate them, stirring their love for the subjects they learn. Specialists from different disciplines – scientists, businessmen and art workers – are engaged in the projects of Ayb Learning Hub to ensure the cohesion of everyday life and modern technologies.


The eight principles of the Ayb student profile are based on four human virtues – prudence, courage, temperance and justice – that come from Greek philosophy and were borrowed by Christianity. We have described each virtue in its theoretical and cognitive, practical and behavioral senses, in four pairs or eight principles. Thus, we divided prudence into knowledgeability and creativity, courage into proactivity and balance, temperance into vigilance and openness, while justice, as the summary of the above mentioned, is the harmony of human life or the principle of cultivating kindness. One can reach harmony if the thoughts, feelings and deeds are directed towards kindness, because that is way to happiness and fair interrelations. In other words, justice is achieved through prudence and care.


It’s impossible to imagine a healthy school community without active involvement of parents in its establishment and development. We view parents as the school’s main teammates in the process of the education, upbringing and development of our students. Parents are engaged in the work with the students, interesting communication formats are designed and successfully implemented, making this cooperation wholesome.


Ayb alumni don’t bid farewell to school, they just say “Until we meet again.” In its six-year history, Ayb School has had 370 graduate students (as of July 2020), who now study at the best universities in Armenia and abroad, upholding the school’s image globally. Ayb Alumni keep in touch with the school in various formats and have become an inseparable part of its life. Some of them have become school employees, joining the administrative and communications staff.

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