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Laurence Olivier, John Lennon, Alice from Wonderland… You will say that the only thing in common for all of them is being famous. But it’s not so, as it turns out. They can live in the same city side by side, be genius but drunkards, egotistic and indifferent, or be at death's door. Or probably, all of them have sad eyes?

Lorik is a comedy drama shot by filmmaker Alexey Zlobin in 2018. It reveals the vicious sides of the society - social misbalance, apathy to injustice. Moreover, the movie bares people’s pain that is often invisible to the others. Laurence, or Lorik, was a typical representative of such society, who lived through his heroes’ emotions, and only after the theater closed, he learns to understand the other people’s feelings.

In a twist of miracle, Lorik gets into the bodies of his alcohol addict neighbor Johnik, Unfamiliar beautiful woman Chinar, death-marked little Hasmik and presidential candidate Dandilyan.

Through these transformations, Lorik becomes a part of people’s lives and has to solve their problems. “Тhe circus left town, but the clowns stayed behind.” After the theater shut down, his “mission” becomes to dive into the drama of everyday life, which is full of hardships, problems, joy, tears and laughter. And the others’ problems lead Lorik to the main question: who is he?

The movie reveals social, political and everyday problems of the Armenian society. But “this is not a film for the Armenians only but for everybody and about everything,” as producer Martin Minasyan says.

In one of the interviews, actor Mikael Poghosyan, who plays the role of Lorik, remarks, “People event don’t want to know each other.”

The people living in their shells can’t live a real life. Our hero, although unwillingly, gets out of the shell to help himself and the others. The old Lorik dies, sacrificing his previous life, and reemerges for a life filled with human emotions.

Lorik could not find the answer to the main question, and this is natural, because he had to become a part of many people’s life. And each viewer of the film has to decide whether he really died or not, or maybe his body died but his soul revived.

Each person has a story, but it becomes a life story only if other people make a part of it. To better understand it, just watch Lorik.

Ofelia Smbatyan


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