Why Ayb: events prior to 2021-2022 academic year admission

The Ayb School is glad to announce the launch of the admission process for the 2021-2022 academic year that will be accomplished from January to May either in person or online, as appropriate. To take part in the admission procedure, you should pre-register here and register for the Doors Open Days (mandatory) here.

The admission procedure will be preceded by an online event that will help the applicants and their parents make the right decision.

Thus, on January 16, the official Facebook page of the Ayb School will air an event titled Why Ayb: a View From Inside”, during which the students, alumni, teachers and parents will answer a number of important questions like ‘why should you choose the Ayb School?’, “how will I or my child benefit from choosing the Ayb School?’, ‘what makes the Ayb School unique?’. The event will help the participants see the school through the eyes of insiders, who will tell about their everyday routine, classes and admission peculiarities and provide other details upon request.

The information on the Ayb High School admission and step-by-step procedure is available here.


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