Seminar for Almetyevsk-based Tatneft Foundation and boarding school №1 administrative staff

Ayb School organized a seminar for the administrative staff of the Tatneft Charity Foundation and the boarding school №1 of the city of Almetyevsk, Tatarstan. The participants wanted to learn more about the academic and ideological peculiarities of Ayb, its achievements, and its educational methodology.

The guests enjoyed a rich two-day agenda. On the first day, they participated in the flag-raising ceremony that marks the start of each academic term. Afterward, they toured the school to get acquainted with the Ayb learning environment and delivered speeches. The guests also had discussions with the Head of Community, Anna Akopyan and Ayb School co-founder Aram Pakhchanyan. On the second day, Mr. Pakhchanyan held a masterclass titled “From Mission to Strategic Objectives.” The guests visited Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex, Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, and Dilijan Central School to get a clear picture of the Armenian education system.

To present Armenia’s national and cultural treasures, we organized a tour that included a visit to Haghartsin Monastery and a lavash baking masterclass.

Prospects of cooperation and implementation of joining projects with the Tatneft Charity Foundation and the boarding school №1 were also discussed.


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