Let’s gather at school. Graduates and benefactors revive one day of school life

Ayb School Executive Director David Sahakyan greeted the graduates at school with the words “Welcome back home.” For a whole day, the school was full of 2014-2021 graduates. The Ayb Alumni Club initiated and organized an event titled "Let's Gather at School", the aim of which was to strengthen the connection between the generations and to promote the contact between mentors and students.

The agenda was rich and interesting. At first, the senior graduates got acquainted with the younger generations, then the conversations and acquaintances continued with Ayb benefactors.

The most awaited part of the day followed: football-basketball tournaments started, the graduates and benefactors were involved in the teams. A group of alumni also preferred the most varied and fun table games or volleyball, while at the same time encouraging the "footballers, volleyball players and basketball players" from Ayb.

The "tasty" part of the graduates' day was provided by the school cook and the manager. The hot dogs made by them are one of the memories of the school years for the graduates, which were the symbol of the Ayb Games.

After summarizing the results of the games and the award ceremony, we all hurried to have a conversation with the ideological co-founder of Ayb School, Father Mesrop Aramian. We discussed value-creating topics until late at night.

The day passed as if nothing had changed, as if we were all still studying in our beloved school. As the title of the event suggests, let's gather at the school again and soon.

Ella Avagyan, 2021 graduate


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