Arshak Zakaryan: I discovered my creative self at Ayb

Arshak is a 12th grade Ayb School student, who will soon become a part of the big alumni community. Together with a group of students, Arshak undertook an important mission to research educational resources, specifically the English language materials of Khan Academy, and translate them into Armenian. He was also a participant of German camps for international students. According to him, Ayb provides a wonderful opportunity to both learn and teach. Arshak is confident: wherever he goes and whatever he does, he will work to contribute to the development of his homeland.

Why Ayb?

Ayb is first of all an inspiring environment for any kind of activity. When I attended the Doors Open Days for the first time, I realized that it’s definitely the best institution to apply and study. The positive attitude, endless smiles of the welcoming school community and their readiness to help at any moment, as well as the emerging possibility to receive an exceptional quality education helped me take the final decision.

What’s Ayb?

Ayb is a growing community, where you are given boundless opportunities to discover your potential and develop. Open to any suggestions and ideas, the Ayb community is always ready to face new challenges. The efforts of several people, who once undertook the mission to contribute to the development of Armenia’s education system and established Ayb School, will be undoubtedly continued by many of us.

Me at Ayb

Ayb helped me discover my creative self. Sometimes you think that you ran into a brick wall. This is when you have to switch on your imagination you didn’t trust before. As a result, you see the way out and suddenly realize that your own creativity can be a good friend. The only problem is that it stays idle for most of the time and comes to rescue when the going gets rough.

Ayb’s role in my life

Ayb has become a place where you can always get precious advice. It’s not just an educational institution: it offers real-life experiences through observation of the school rules, or communication with successful people (teachers or school guests).

Ayb community

I believe that the main characteristic of the Ayb community is the willingness to help. Besides, all members of the community have their special place and mission. The power of the community is especially felt during the Ayb Games, when people unite to achieve the common goal. Seeing talented and skilled professionals every day is enough to form an opinion about the bright and vigorous community.

Who is an Ayb person?

Saying “an Ayb person”, you imagine the students dressed in white and orange T-shirts that look specifically symbolic during crowded school events. An Ayb person is kind but steadfast, open to new suggestions, ideas and cultures but caring about the Armenian heritage, sometimes tired because of the heavy schedule (joking) but goal-oriented. And the last but not least, Ayb person is a person filled with positive energy.

Me and Ayb: 5 years later

Five years from now I will still probably be a student. Irrelatively of what country I go to and what university I choose, I can firmly say that I will never stop self-educating and developing, which is one of Ayb School pillars. I believe that 5 years later I will be busy making plans to boost the development of my homeland Armenia, following the example of the people I had the honor to meet at Ayb.

Donor community

The significance of the donor community can hardly be overestimated. It’s thanks to them that we see Ayb as it is now. The donors help a lot of students not only from Yerevan but also from provinces (I come from the Aragatsotn province) receive high quality education. They combined efforts for an important beginning, which was not just the establishment of a school but a model institution that is constantly developing to fill the gaps and improve the learning process to become an Armenian school prototype.

Ayb and its generations

The least I can do now is to advice my friends apply to Ayb School and seize the opportunity to continue their education and obtain exceptional knowledge and skills there. With little time left until my graduation, I do know that I will not leave the school forever. Ayb helped me understand who I am and opened many doors. Time will come, when graduates, including me, will serve the school in our own way in order to contribute to the development of Armenian education.


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