41 forcibly displaced children from Artsakh admitted to Ayb School

In these dire times, our moral duty is to ensure the continuity of the education of the forcibly displaced children from Artsakh and to show our support to our compatriots. Considering the latest developments in our homeland and realizing the difficulties the forcibly displaced families encounter, Ayb School’s Board of Trustees decided on special admission for Artsakh students.

With this initiative, we have added two vacancies in each of the grades 1-9 of the basic school, increasing the maximum possible number of students per class from 18 to 18+2. It allowed us to accept 40 students from Artsakh. One more student was admitted to the 10th grade by the decision of the Board of Trustees. Thus, 41 new students from Artsakh have joined the Ayb community and are already attending classes.

Considering the children’s stressful condition and the fact that their right to education was brutally violated, the school administration found it inappropriate to organize tests and exams.

The enrollment of forcibly displaced students from Artsakh to Ayb School was carried out with the following priority:

· siblings of students studying at Ayb School,

· applicants from Artsakh who studied at Ayb in 2020, during the 44-day war,

· according to the registration order (if one applicant from the same family is invited to the school by the order of registration, siblings are also invited, subject to the availability of vacancies).

The vacant seats allocated for the students from Artsakh can be refilled only for the same purpose, i.e., by accepting children forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

Ayb School donors have already expressed their willingness to cover part of the expenditures caused by the special admission since the student contracts signed with the school by the parents of these children were signed for a symbolic AMD 1000. However, this only covers the expenses of Artsakh students studying at school while their families still need much support.

This initiative is the least the Ayb community can and must do to support our compatriots who had to flee their homes.

Ayb School is committed to improving the future of new generations and our country through education. We believe that by allowing Artsakh students to continue their education, we not only help them overcome challenges but also empower them to create new opportunities for themselves and the homeland.


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