Arts Week 2022

Life at Ayb is filled with but not limited to scientific experiments and research. Art is also an inseparable part of it. The timetable loaded with natural science and humanity lessons inevitably includes ‘Dances’, ‘Performing Art’, ‘Band’, or ‘Choir’.

Arts Week is traditionally the time when the students demonstrate the skills obtained during the academic year in the format of annual concerts or exhibitions.

This year, Arts Week was held from May 10 to 14. It started with the performances of the dance groups that fascinated the audience with unique staging and background music. The art-loving students proved that “there is a dance that can prevail over”, and danced the Kochari dance, firmly holding each other’s hands.

Within a day, the stage in Hayastan hall turned into a theatric platform. Performing art groups presented 3 performances during which the students fit into their images and acted absolutely selflessly while of the actors, 12 th -grade students Andre Vardanyan cut his own hair on the stage to translate the scenario into reality. Undoubtedly, for this reincarnation, Andre should be awarded the Ayb Oscar and announced the winner of the Audience Award.

After theatric performances, the stage was not empty for a long time. The next day, it was filled with various musical instruments: piano, flute, drums, guitars, etc. The variety of the repertoire was also impressive: from Finnish to Gipsy songs. Rock music also got a tribute. Ayb students performed songs of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and other world-famous bands. It’s noteworthy that Ayb School’s band is called Battle of Evermore.

After the concert, Certificates of Commendation were handed to the students who best adhered to Ayb principles and actively participated in the school’s social initiatives.

When Hayastan hall could not seat all participants and guests, the Arts Week stretched from the Building A cafeteria to the Building C amphitheater. The week was completed with an art exhibition and choir performance. The Ayb community enjoyed Komitas songs and students’ paintings and revealed new talents like Saryan or Aivazovsky.

By the way, during the day, masterclasses on calligraphy, sketches, clay modeling, and bag decoration were organized. For some teachers and students, it was quite surprising: they realized that they can paint.

Arts Week was saturated and diverse like Ayb itself, where solving a complex math task is followed by high art created by your friends. Yes, each Ayb student is an artist.

Elina Danielyan, 12 th grade


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