National Cinema Center of Armenia, Ayb School sign memorandum on cooperation

On the threshold of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian cinema, the National Cinema Center of Armenia launched several projects to educate Armenian school children about the national cinema heritage. The initiative aims to spark students’ interest in Armenian movies and inspire them for new creations, based on 21st-century ideas. It is a unique opportunity to comprehend and interpret the old Armenian cinema and the history of the national cinema culture.

For this purpose, the National Cinema Center of Armenia and Ayb School signed a memorandum on cooperation, where Ayb School will act as an educational partner. As part of the cooperation, a number of academic and cultural projects will be implemented to familiarize students with the Armenian cinema and help them create films on their own. Director of the National Cinema Center of Armenia, Shushanik Mirzakhanyan, and Ayb School Executive Director David Sahakyan believe that the MoC will serve the interest of both institutions, offering vast cooperation possibilities.

“In every country, the school performs its educational mission, ensuring the development and passing of its cultural heritage to future generations. We view the Armenian cinema as a unique part of our identity, and its 100th anniversary is an excellent chance to serve this sacred mission,” Mr. Sahakyan said.

According to Mrs. Mirzakhanyan, working with children is pleasant and challenging, providing a beautiful opportunity to receive and develop new ideas and solutions.

The MoC supposes the following activities: organization of public and private film screenings, development of educational games, assistance in editing and translating Wikipedia materials, creation of a series of podcasts about Armenian movies based on literary writing, and shooting of informative clips for social platforms. In addition, the Art Studio and Film Factory project-based learning clubs of Ayb School will organize an exhibition of films and posters.

The content generated in the framework of this cooperation will be presented and distributed in Armenian schools. The specialists of the National Cinema Center of Armenia will help students with consultations.


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