The wonders of Aybland: how students cured Santa Claus

Finally, the long-awaited Christmas event, which was postponed due to the pandemic took place. The attendees found themselves in the beautiful land of Aybland.

The event started with confusion. The students were worried about where Santa Claus was and how they should begin the event. Santa Claus announced that unfortunately, he could not come because he was infected with the coronavirus. So, the students decided to cure Santa Claus. To do that, they should find the flowers of Aybland: 5 Christmas flowers, which should appear thanks to miracles and good deeds.

First, they invited the Ayb band to the stage to evoke positive emotions. The band’s

performances were beautiful; the audience was clapping. The first miracle happened - the healing Christmas flower appeared. Then the students decided to make a funny performance for the next flower.11th-grade student Narek Davtyan offered a monologue where he told about the funny moments of everyday life of winter vacation. The choir presented the third flower with the songs “We arranged a New Year party” and “Christ is born.” After that, the Ayb dance group Aybar performed their dances. The first dance was one of the most famous dances of Musa mountain, the Dapki. Then the group performed other dances called “Msho Kher” and “Rostam Bazi”. The last dance was the dance of Persian Armenians from the vicinity of lake Kaputan. This meaning of the dances is to gain power for winning in wars. The dances helped find one of the remaining Christmas flowers.

The 11th-grade students’ performance followed the dances to impress the audience. They presented their version of Hovhannes Tumanyan’s “The Liar Hunter”, The students showed their stage skills and earned the audience’s love and attention. The expected flower appeared.

After the performance, the karaoke version of the song “All I Want For Christmas” was performed by everyone. A note appeared at the end of the song announcing the Christmas miracle.

All good fairytales have their end, and ours was not an exception. Finally, Santa Claus was cured.

Suzanna Khalatyan, 10th grade


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