TechnoDrive continues developing AyBus app

The members of the project-based learning TechnoDrive club have briefed on their AyBus project to the school head and staff. The amount of work done during the 2019/2020 academic year was presented in online format.

The activity started with conduction of research of some social and relevant issues, market examination and formation of a common ground for the application development. To implement the projects, the club members had to learn programming from scratch.

The application is supposed to secure communication between the drivers of Ayb School buses, teachers, students and their parents. It aims to make movement easier and allow its users follow the bus routes, thus avoiding being late or any other problems. Just one click will allow the user start a chat with the bus driver, inform about taking or missing the bus.

Distance learning made the process more complicated, however the team managed to overcome all difficulties.

Since the majority of the club members did not possess programming skills, it was decided to extend the deadline until the end of the 2020/2021 academic year. Nevertheless, the knowledge obtained by them during the past year was applied to create several games and help the Art Studio club develop a website for the Urban Sculpture project.

Next year, we are planning to invite new members to our club and unite efforts for the final development of the application, improving its functional and adding new and solutions.

Vahan Hakobyan

TechnoDrive club



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