Jubilee Concert Celebrating Battle of Evermore's Tenth Anniversary

A decade after their inaugural performance, Battle of Evermore returns with a spectacular jubilee concert that marks their remarkable journey.

For the past ten years, Battle of Evermore has been a dynamic force within Ayb School's project-based learning club, captivating audiences with over 10 sensational concerts. Each performance has been a unique exploration of musical facets, ranging from diverse listening approaches and musical scales to instrumentation and the global panorama of music. The band has seen a vibrant rotation of members, comprising both students and alumni, contributing to the group's evolution.

As the band reaches its milestone tenth anniversary, the original members have come together to initiate a special alumni concert. This event serves as a collective celebration, allowing the musicians to rekindle the joy of playing together, reflecting on and encapsulating the achievements and activities of the past decade. The venue for this nostalgic rendezvous was the enchanting Puppet Theater.

The jubilee concert featured an eclectic repertoire, showcasing the band's versatility. Audiences were treated to renditions of timeless classics by iconic groups such as The Beatles, The Cranberries, Simon & Garfunkel, and Renaissance. Notably, Battle of Evermore delighted the crowd with their own unique arrangements, adding a personal touch to the celebration.

The atmosphere was electric as the performers transported the audience through a musical journey spanning the band's illustrious history. The jubilee concert was not merely a display of musical prowess but a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of collaboration and creativity that has defined Battle of Evermore over the past ten years.

As the final notes resonated in the Puppet Theater, it was clear that Battle of Evermore's tenth-anniversary concert was a fitting tribute to a decade of musical excellence. The audience left with a profound appreciation for the band's contribution to Ayb School's vibrant musical landscape and eagerly anticipates what the next chapter holds for Battle of Evermore.


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