Ayb Learning Hub Foundation (Ayb School) launches Board of Trustees formation procedure

The Board of Trustees is the supreme governing body of Ayb School. With its management format allowing for succession, transparency, and engagement, the Board of Trustees includes representatives of the teacher and alums communities.

The BoT is comprised of people who selflessly invest their time, knowledge, and experience in the execution of the Ayb mission to transform the future through education.

Clicking on the links below, you can read:

The Regulations on the formation of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Learning Hub Foundation

Ethics Clauses approved by the Ayb School Board of Trustees

Short description of the BoT formation procedure

If you are interested in the BoT formation procedure and have not yet received a notification to your email, please message [email protected] and mention the preferred email address for further updates.

Being the first social project in Armenia’s non-governmental sector, Ayb High School is an institution where over 75% of students receive scholarships (tuition fee reimbursement) every year.

The scholarship system allows high school students to study at Ayb irrespective of their family’s financial status.


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