Charity auction: Ayb alumni for Armenian soldiers

The year 2020 was full of challenges, ordeals and sad moments. For Armenians, it was a bitter year of losses. Nevertheless, this year taught us to appreciate small things and fight. The main lesson we learned is to love our homeland, the people and soldiers.

It’s New Year soon and we have the opportunity to start the life anew, to live a life with our eyes open and measure up to our heroes’ deeds, struggling for our homeland and continuing their mission.

The annual exhibition-fair, which is an inseparable part of the New Year ceremonies at Ayb School, was held in a different format this year. The Ayb alumni initiated an online auction on Facebook with a purpose to help our wounded soldiers. The proceeds will be transferred to the 1000+ Foundation.

The famous Kataro wines and various items made exclusively and with love by the members of the Ayb community were auctioned. The event was an excellent opportunity to buy presents and assist the Armenian soldiers at the same time. The auction that lasted 6 days sold the majority of the items to the amount of AMD 292,000.

Our homeland defenders need our help now and we must spare no effort to give them new hope and strength to fight for a better life. We are standing by our soldiers’ side. And I do believe that the year 2021 will be the year filled with care and willingness to struggle. We should just be diligent and goal-oriented to rebuild our homeland thanks to our unity and collective potential.

Ofelia Smbatyan, the Ayb School alumnus


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