Ayb School, Ski Federation sign memorandum on cooperation

Ayb School and the Armenian Ski and Snowboard Federation have taken a step toward improving physical education and stimulating a healthy lifestyle by signing a Memorandum on Cooperation. The MoC aims to establish and encourage training in snowboarding and skiing, thereby ensuring young people's well-being and active lifestyle.

The organizations will work closely to develop and organize theoretical and practical courses. Through joint efforts, various snowboarding and skiing projects adapted for children and youth - seminars, camps, and awareness programs - will be designed and implemented. All these activities are meant to inspire children to take up winter sports.

Both sides will organize competitions and training sports camps, which will allow students to engage in competition and help them develop the spirit of sportsmanship, discipline, and the ability to work in a team.

The Memo highlights the organization of open lessons and gatherings to promote physical education and encourage engagement in snowboarding and skiing. Such events, held as part of joint sports projects, will become another platform for uniting the community and attracting attention to winter sports.

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