10-year art: from school to museum

A 10-day unprecedented exhibition opened on June 1, 2021 to mark the 10th anniversary of Ayb School. The bright colors of these ten years were brought together in the paintings created by Ayb students and alumni. More than 60 works created in 20th century popular genres decorated the walls of the Museum of Modern Art.

The exhibition was a true gift for the students. In his opening remarks, Ayb School Principal David Sahakyan emphasized the importance of art for the overall learning process and praised the work carried out by the school art group aimed to awake the students’ creativity and their interest in culture development. Arts teacher Marie Adamyan’s efforts yielded brilliant results and made her proud.

To make the exhibition event more impressive, Ayb Choir performed folk and spiritual songs, while the childish and colorful paintings drawn by Elementary School students added to the festivity of the event. It was a great day for all: students, teachers and guests.

Sylvie Gevorgyan, 12th grade


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