Ella Avagyan podcast project wins Granish special prize

The podcasts destined to tell about the development of the Armenian culture and contemporary literature that were brought to life by Ayb School 12th grade student Ella Avagyan received the special prize of the Granish Literary Award Ceremony. Ella presented the stories by temporary Armenian authors in a podcast project she titled YAN. The podcast series were posted on Granish website, the most popular literary platform of the Armnet that garnered a million of views this year.

YAN project was masterminded and launched exclusively by the Ayb School media team. Ella Avagyan is the project lead, who was also responsible for the editing. 12th grade student Emma Hovsepyan vocalized the stories. As a result of cooperation between the Ayb School and Granish, the media team’s podcast audience doubled for the great inspiration of the students. For the second edition, Ella and Emma promise new quality podcasts.

The Ayb students are engaged in community volunteering that helps them become stronger and more responsible, care about the environment and take initiative. 12 social activity teams are currently operating at the Ayb School.


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