Tracing the lost treasures of Artsakh

Film Factory, Ayb School’s Project-Based Learning Club, continues tracing the Hidden Treasures and has this time decided to reflect on the recent Artsakh war, presenting the inviolable trinity of people-culture-church, from its own perspective.

The aim of the project is to draw the public attention to the historical and cultural heritage abandoned to uncertainty because of the Artsakh war, as well as to talk about the neglected spiritual heritage and to refer to the ordinary human destinies.

In each part of the trilogy, the viewer will discover how the Artsakh war affected the Armenians, the Armenian church, and cultural monuments.

The aim of the film series is to preserve the cultural heritage of Artsakh, as well as to stress the importance of passing it on to future generations.

The team is currently working on the script and is looking for the characters for the film. During the next stage, it is planned to make interviews and filming.

As a result, the club will have a film trilogy, each lasting up to 7-8 minutes (the films will have English subtitles).

Hasmik Harutyunyan, 11th grade, Film Factory club


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