Ayb School students take advanced fundraising course

Project-Based Learning is one of the pillars of Ayb School education process. It aims to raise public awareness and find solutions to social issues. Choosing this or that PBL club, the students take up a new project guided by the best specialists of the field. Naturally, big initiatives demand big investment. Although the school offers some financial and technical assistance and involved skilled mentors, it’s important for the students to be able to raise the essential funds for their activities.

One of the examples is the publication of Arvestanots club’s Visual Poetry book during the last academic year that became possible thanks to the efforts of the fundraising club members under the guidance of TCF company specialists Narek Vardanyan and Tatevik Fljyan. The success prompted the necessity for all PBL club members to master fundraising skills.

An advanced fundraising course that involved two students from each PBL club lasted for about a couple of months. It was led by Jemma Safaryan, who shared her knowledge and experience and helped the students obtain the necessary skills and move in the right direction.

The course enabled its participants to get familiarized with history of fundraising and its basic principles. It included discussions and accomplishment of the tasks for the project purposes.

Although the course was organized online, I, as a participant, can assert that the skills I obtained will definitely help me improve the efficiency of the Project-Based Learning clubs and correctly organize the fundraising activities. Taking into account the recent war consequences and the global COVID-19 pandemic, the correct fundraising efforts can help us make progress and reach our goals

Ella Avagyan, 12th grade


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