Ayb is a community, love, drive and pride: Gayane Aydinyan

Gayane is a 12th grade student at Ayb School. Looking back at the three years spent at Ayb, she tells how the Ayb principles and values changed her as an individual, where she sees herself in the future and which her main achievements are.

Even if I decide to continue education abroad, I will come back to Armenia. I am going to specialize in artificial intelligence (AI) and become a researcher to make people’s lives more comfortable and contribute to my country’s development.

Being originally from Artsakh and witnessing what’s going on now, I pledged to spare no effort to help make the Republic of Armenia a regional power whose voice is heard by the international community.

One school, 8 principles

I can’t find words to describe how the Ayb School has changed me. The eight principles of the Ayb student entered our everyday life and helped create a wholesome system of values and self-conception. I became someone who is capable to struggle until the goal is achieved.

Moving forward

I authored my first song titled “Never Give Up” in 2017. For me, it was a hymn to never surrendering to circumstances and moving forward instead of looking back to the past. As part of the Project Based Learning club, I became a better personality and team member, at the same time mastering my musical skills. The main achievement of 2020 is the series of podcasts released by our Battle of Evermore band.

“saTurn”: new educational movement

In my own opinion, my greatest achievement is the initiative to establish “saTurn” with the assistance of four friends – Luiza, Silvie, Elen and Lilit. For about six months of research and exchange of ideas, this educational project was launched in May-June 2020 with a purpose to increase the number of Armenian-language educational resources, raise public level of education and introduce international educational tools in Armenia, basing on the exchange of experience and knowledge. I should also add that “saTurn” became possible thanks to Party Gone Wrong game, which helped us, five Ayb School students, to unite and reach our common goal.

I am proud to be a part of the Ayb community and can say for sure that Ayb is my way to success in a strong and creative Armenia.

Gayane Aydinyan

Grade 12


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