Visit to Gevorg Grigoryan (Jotto) Studio Museum

The 10th graders from Ayb High School paid a visit to the Gevorg Grigoryan (Jotto) Studio Museum as part of their Visual Art course. The students toured the exhibition hall titled "Three Cities: Constantinople, Paris, Yerevan. Tigran and Zabel Yesayan" after first becoming familiar with the works of Jotto and his wife. Following renovations, the museum reopened recently, welcoming visitors with a fresh look and modern solutions.

Initially, the young art lovers were introduced to Gevorg Grigoryan's creative style and life story that was written mostly using the data provided by his wife Diana Ukleba. The students enjoyed the chance to examine the famous artist's personal things, souvenirs, and creative legacy, which effectively conveyed the artist's individuality. In one of the halls, there were several paintings by Diana Ukleba, which also stand out for being exceptionally unique.

The visit's second half was as fascinating and thrilling. Students had the chance to learn about the life and career of writer, translator, and publicist Zabel Yesayan as well as the creative path of her husband, artist Tigran Yesayan. This exhibition best reflects the influence of their family on Armenian culture and art. The portrayal of Zabel as a courageous and patriotic woman is captivating. Tragically, her life ended in a Soviet Armenian jail shortly after she returned to her homeland.

The museum visit was crowned with writing letters to Zabel Yesayan, where children expressed their appreciation and impressions. Filled with fresh insights gained from the tour, the students took a group photo to conclude the meeting, which will undoubtedly bring back happy memories for everyone.

The contemporary museum with a dynamic atmosphere allowed Ayb students to look at art and culture from a different perspective, providing immense satisfaction and inspiration for innovative ideas.

Mariam Baghdasaryan, Grade 10


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