Ayb graduates supporting homefront

The online Community Hour welcomed Ayb School 2014 and 2015 graduates Rimma Ananyan and Diana Ghabuzyan, who briefed on the activities carried out by the alumni during the war.

“When the war broke out, the alumni community put mind to what can be done in the homefront. Thus, the Kids of Artsakh idea was born. As part of the initiative, we got in contact with about 24,000 children from Artsakh, who found shelter in the rural areas of Armenia to organize meetings,” Diana Ghabuzyan said.

The meetings were held on weekends in Sevan or Dilijan. The Ayb School graduates taught the little Artsakhians to dance national dances, watches animation movies, talked and got acquainted with their family members.

“We have become friends and the kids are impatiently waiting for new meetings,” Diana said, adding that the alumni community fully realizes the responsibility they undertook.

Some of the families recently returned to Artsakh.

“We will go on with our initiative, as we understand that these kids are experiencing hard times. We need to be very attentive and tactful, sparing no effort to make our communication a warm memory,” Diana concluded.

Our alumni were also involved in another field of activity important during a war, carrying out some information projects. “We translated the new from Armenian and English into French, Italian, Portuguese, Persian, German, Arabic, Korean, Chinese and Herbew,” Rimma said. “For example, Vahe Andinyan translated into German, Inesa Alaverdyan did the Chinese translation, while Talin Saghdasaryan translated loads of English news.”

The online meeting ended with the words of gratitude to the alumni community for the important and productive work dome.

Karine Avalyan, 11th grade


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