Ayb life rules: a message to applicants


I am writing these half-joking half-serious lines to make you more familiar with life at Ayb School, basing on my own experience. If you are a future applicant to Ayb School, I can guarantee that you will find some interesting and useful information about the school life below.

Start doing your homework on September 1

Yes, you get me right. On September 1, when you get home from school and don’t have any homework to do for the next day, never lose your time and do the homework for the subjects you had that day. It will help you not to be chronically behind schedule and get a full 8-hour sleep.

Don’t miss “hours of fun”

There are “hours of fun” at Ayb School, which are actually short consulting meetings with the teachers, who can give you the answers to your questions. Sometimes, due to the lack of time, students accumulate questions until it’s two days before the exam. I assure you that a 10-minute discussion before or after lunch can be a perfect solution.

Get your own school cup

This is important, as you spend 8 out of 12 day hours at school, and you often get thirsty. Our school doesn’t encourage use of plastic cups, so having your own cup you can drink water or tea anytime you wish, without polluting the environment.


Communication is the beginning of positivism. Don’t restrict your communication to your peers only. You can talk to anyone, be it a teacher, a cleaner, a security officer or the school principal. Just put aside your shyness and be open for communicating. This will award you with lots of positive emotions and new friends.

Be helpful

Helping the others is a real pleasure. If you see a classmate, who experiences problems with the subject you know well, do offer you help. Moreover, teachers may also need your assistance. Helping each other creates a very positive environment.

Be patient

You have to be patient at Ayb School, as we need time to reach our goals. Your first year at Ayb may not be a success but you just need some more time to get accustomed to the school demands and environment. Arm yourself with patience and work a lot to achieve the desired results.

Keep a planner

It can sound strange and too formal. I myself ignored it at first, but 1,5 years ago I decided to buy one. You know, it helped me fix my schedule and make notes about everything I have to do. With a planner, you never forget your tasks and never stop till you check the last box.

See you at Ayb School

Ella Avagyan, 11th grade


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