Media Experts club fighting Media Disasters

The media field is expanding year by year. It is available to almost every inhabitant of the planet Earth. However, along with new opportunities in media, new dangers appear, due to which the ability to resist the influence of the media has become a necessity in the 21st century.

Media Experts club sees the solution of this problem in the awareness of the population.

Ayb School’s Project-Based Learning club headed by editor, publicist, and host Aram Abrahamyan, is studying the media field. The club combines theoretical and practical activity.

Media literacy is the "literate" use of the media, which implies the comprehension of all possible dangers, knowledge of the methods to oppose and then to avoid them. The topics studied in this framework are various, mainly related to different "media disasters": trolls, bots, media manipulation, debates on social networks, fake users/news, information wars, and conspiracy theories. Media Experts club members prepare various materials, such as articles, videos, animations, on these and other topics. The goal is to help people orient themselves better on the Internet and not to be deceived or manipulated.

The final product of the club as a result of the project study should be a website, where the materials prepared by the students on the above-mentioned topics will be published. The members of the club have already written more than 20 articles and produced several videos to share their knowledge and try to raise the level of media literacy of the population.

Thus, the club is going to use the knowledge gained in the field of media for the benefit of the people. The members of the club hope that they will be able to contribute to the development of media literacy for future generations.

Mary Ghulyan, 11th grade, Media Experts club



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