2021-2022 mentorship program kicks off

The 2021-2022 mentorship program launched with an introduction of the program and its mission to the 12th-grade students. Member of the Ayb School Alumni Club council, class of 2014 graduate Sergey Barseghyan and class of 2016 graduate Lilit Mheryan presented the Alumni Club, while alumni-mentor Anahit Anna Mkrtchyan spoke about the key points of the mentorship program. They also responded to the students’ questions.

Father Mesrop Aramian, Aram Pakhchanian, and David Sahakyan also met with the students to dwell on the mission of the mentorship program and share experience.

The series of introductory meetings will be followed by a draw that will determine the graduates and mentors. Their first meeting will take place after the mentorship inauguration ceremony during which the mentors will decorate their mentees with a special badge.

Ayb Mentorship Program is one of Ayb School’s cornerstones. The Ayb community members – donors and alumni – undertake the mission:

  • to shape educated and creative, responsible, and virtuous generations,
  • create a solid chain of mutual help between generations,
  • assist in passing on values from one generation to another,
  • ensure personal and professional growth,
  • support mentees in fulfilling their potential.

From the very first day of its creation, Ayb School donors assumed the responsibility to carry out the mentorship program. In 2019, some changes occurred, allowing alumni to work with the younger generation and become mentors. Thus, those who graduated from the school in 2013-2016 became the mentors for the class of 2019-2021 graduates. Currently, we have 58 alumni mentors.

According to the program regulations, this year the graduates of the class of 2017 will become mentors.


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