Ayb School hosts Environment Minister and Deputy Minister

To discuss Ayb School students’ scientific and environmental projects, Ayb School hosted Armenian Minister of Environment Hakob Simidyan and his deputy Anna Mazmanyan.

Earlier, Ayb students presented their RenéMask project at The Earth Prize 2022 environmental competition along with 516 schools from 114 countries and advanced to the final.

During the meeting in the school laboratory, the students briefed the Minister about the idea to process medical masks into fuel masks and performed a part of the experiment for the guests. The Minister, in turn, thanked the students for their scientific initiatives that help represent our country on international platforms.

Ayb School alumni, Green Chemistry PBL club member Sergey Badalyan talked about the biodegradable plastics project that was presented at various international competitions and was granted an invention patent.

Executive Director David Sahakyan toured the guests through the school, telling them about the opportunities it offers to the students and the projects implemented.

Environment protection and love for nature are always the focus of Ayb School. Members of Eco school community service team act as volunteers and organize clean-ups, tours, take video materials to raise awareness about environmental issues and hold various events both in the school and at different venues across Armenia.

The Minister praised the Ayb School’s approach to the learning process that encourages students to create and develop their innovative initiatives.

An agreement was achieved that the Ministry will receive detailed information about the projects implemented by Ayb School and cooperation platforms will be developed.


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