MIT students at Ayb: A month of cooperative learning and cultural exchange

As part of a remarkable and enriching partnership, Ayb School enjoys a unique opportunity to host students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) again this year. This fascinating project is a component of the MIT Global Teaching Labs program, which seeks to promote international partnerships as well as knowledge and cultural exchange. For a month, four MIT students specializing in biology, physics, informatics, and mathematics educate Ayb students alongside the school’s teachers.

Cooperative learning

The MIT Global Teaching Labs program provides an exceptional chance for students and educators to come together and bridge geographic and cultural gaps. At Ayb School, MIT students are involved in classroom activities; they conduct joint classes and share their experiences teaching STEM subjects. This co-learning experience not only broadens the educational journey of Ayb students but also brings a new perspective to MIT students, allowing them to gain insight into Armenian education and culture.

Living with Ayb families

A distinctive feature of this initiative is the intensive cultural exchange, since MIT students are hosted by the families of Ayb students. This provides an opportunity to step outside of the traditional classroom education, fostering cross-cultural understanding and personal connections between the MIT and Ayb communities. Living with Ayb families enables MIT students to experience Armenia's rich traditions, customs, and hospitality and forge enduring connections and memories.

Teaching STEM subjects

MIT students teach four STEM subjects: mathematics, physics, computer science, and biology. Through interactive lessons, hands-on experiments, and problem-solving approaches, MIT students not only share their academic expertise but also inspire Ayb students to explore opportunities in these fields.

Impact on Ayb School community

MIT students’ activity at Ayb School has a lasting impact on the entire school community. They benefit from cutting-edge teaching strategies, diverse perspectives, and real-world application of STEM concepts. Inspired by cooperative learning, teachers also gain new insights into pedagogy and develop professional relationships with their MIT colleagues. At the same time, Ayb students reap the benefits of cultural exchange and broaden their outlook.
The collaboration between Ayb School and MIT through the Global Teaching Labs program demonstrates the power of international interaction in the field of education. The outcome of this month-long initiative is not only the imparted knowledge but also the cross-cultural exchange that inspires a generation of thinkers and innovators.

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