Near-border Aybapatum: students spend a day in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur

As part of Aybapatum project, Ayb middle school students visited Narkin Karmiraghbyur community school to participate in a festival with military-themed performances and lectures. The local students toured peers from Ayb through the school and talked about their daily routine, including beekeeping. School employees say this became possible thanks to the diligence and dedication of the children. It’s also noteworthy that saplings planted by the students surrounded the school.

Nerkin Karmiraghbyur village in Tavush province is located 1,5km from the border. During the recent Armenian-Azerbaijani clashes, five shells from the opposite side damaged the school. Nevertheless, the locals established a garden there and named their project “A shelled place will blossom again.” The school also has a workshop where students craft various household and decorative items with the help of the teacher. The school’s engineering corner is fitted with modern equipment. After the tour, Ayb students attended lectures and events. In the evening, the locals showed us the village’s sights, and we spent the night near a bonfire, singing, talking, and playing different games.

The locals’ busy life is impressive. When you see them, you understand that Armenia’s borders are safe as long as such people live there.

On the second day, Ayb students held lessons according to the schedule. The children listened with attention and excitement. The program was multifaceted, from natural sciences to the development of skills in writing motivation letters. The day ended with Armenian national dances.

We received a warm welcome and didn’t want to leave the beautiful village surrounded by majestic mountains.

Syuzanna Khalatyan, grade 11


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