Discipline, continuous work, objective, dream: this is the way

I was thinking what my article will be about and I abandoned every thought that came to my mind. I think it was both the wrong choice and lack of motivation, which were actually nothing but laziness. Thus, in this piece of writing, we will try to understand the difference between the lack of motivation and laziness and find the right way to enthusiasm.

To start with, let’s feel the difference between the lack of motivation and laziness. In the first case, we ask ourselves questions like “Why am I doing it?” or “Why do I need it?” from time to time. These questions arise because the objectives are vague. Laziness is quite another thing. It’s when you have a goal but get lazy to exert some effort to reach it. Or, which is even worse, you are too lazy to set a goal. Lazy people usually leave everything to the mercy of fate and don’t try to act, because they think it’s impossible. And here I would like to cite one of the Fight Club rules: “It is important to scope the activity to understand at what point in the fight you are getting involved.” By the way, if you haven’t watched this movie yet, I strongly recommend you to watch it.

And now, let’s find solutions to find motivation and erase the obstacles that emerged to the lack of it. As I have already said above, the problem is the vagueness of objectives and a mixed picture. To resolve it, you have to set a concrete goal, as the history proves that global problems are solved by people, whose goals may seem idealistic and even impracticable. Of course, it’s hard to set a bright-line goal but there is nothing impossible. All you need is to think a lot and set a goal. Then you divide the way to the final objective into small sections. It’s easy to preserve motivation for making small steps while keeping in mind the global objective, although that doesn’t guarantee you a 100% result. Here, discipline comes to help you. This is a power that strengthens your backbone and keeps your motivation alive.

So, never stop dreaming but never stop thinking and working either.

Vahe Dabaghyan, 12th grade


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