Getting to know Moxie or How to conquer Mars

Members of Ayb School’s Engineering Club gathered in the library to meet Moxie AI, one of the most intelligent and humane robots in the world. Moxie is a playful robot developed by Embodied, Inc., a company founded by Armenian American Paolo Pirjanian.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the robot is designed to assist kids to go through periods of social adaptation while simultaneously showing a stronger interest in education and developing emotional intelligence. The robot is able to adapt to each child individually. The Moxie robot received the top prize in the Artificial Intelligence category at the CES 2024 international consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas, U.S.

Paolo Pirjanian's representative, Armen Kherlopian, introduced the robot and fielded questions from the audience. Throughout his successful cross-industry career, Mr. Kherlopian—a world-class data scientist and angel investor—has assisted numerous organizations in achieving success, including Global Fortune 100 companies, elite asset managers, startups, and government agencies. He spoke about Moxie, a lively companion who can understand children's emotions and give advice for various situations.

The creation of the robot software involved a large number of psychologists and pedagogical experts in an effort to make it as safe and efficient as possible. Children can ask Moxie questions and discuss a variety of school-related topics with him. Moxie is evolving daily, as the market demand for similar devices is constantly growing. Currently, Moxie can only communicate in English, but it has already moved to "live" with more than 8,000 families.


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