Aybapatum 2022. Direction – Nerkin Tsaghkavan

This year, the Aybapatum project implemented at Ayb School after a pause due to the pandemic was finally rearranged in the originally planned way. It was implemented not online, but on-site, thanks to which we were able to visit a number of schools in border villages to organize interesting and diverse projects and participate in host school projects, both inside the school building and in everyday life.

One of the directions was Nerkin Tsaghkavan village of Tavush region. After being warmly welcomed at school, the students escorted us to classrooms where we did our classes. We trained in mathematics, thinking skills, literature, and English subjects for students of different grades, in which they were involved with the greatest possible interest, and as a result, we had effective discussions. Then we got acquainted with some interesting episodes of students' school life. There was a carpet weaving class at the school, where we made threads. We also did some gardening near the school. Then we organized a small campaign, thanks to which we got to know more about the nature of the village and the sights.

Returning to school, we organized a football game, then taught the children national dances around the campfire, danced together, played the guitar, and sang. Then we were hosted by the village families, who were very kind and willing to help us.

The most interesting event of the next day was the annual war games held at the school. The teams of Nerkin Tsaghkavan secondary school, schools of the villages near Ijevan, as well as our school took part in them. Teams had to perform tasks such as dismantling and collecting weapons and shooting at a mobile target. Raffi Hovannisian of our team took the third place. With these games, we summed up our memorable and interesting two days and returned to Yerevan.

Thus, the project helped establish effective cooperation between schools, giving us not only the opportunity to share our knowledge but also to gain new experience and skills.

Nina Prazyan, 11th grade


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