Ayb students’ success at provincial and republican Olympiads

The winners of the 2020-2021 academic year’s republican subject Olympiads have been announced.

137 Ayb students participated in the Olympiads, of whom 53 made it to the provincial level, 9 students nailed the republican stage and 7 of them were among the winners.

Thus, Mher Saribekyan got a 3rd degree certificate in chemistry subject Olympiad, Aida Avetisyan got a 2nd degree certificate in Armenian language subject Olympiad, Anush Mashinyan got a 3rd degree certificate in literature subject Olympiad, Mary Grigoryan got a 2nd degree certificate in history subject Olympiad. Nare Sukiasyan, Mary Ghulyan were awarded certificates of merit for participating in German language subject Olympiad, while Vahan Sargsyan received a certificate of merit in history.

The credits of all students, who won certificates in the republican Olympiads will be raised by 5% in the second academic mid-term.


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