Open Art exhibition at National Museum-Institute of Architecture

The opening ceremony of Ayb High School’s F8 Project-Based Learning Club’s Open Art exhibition took place at Alexander Tamanyan National Museum-Institute of Architecture in presence of Ayb School administration, museum employees, and young artists – the main heroes of the event.

The aim of the project is to identify unknown artists living next to us - musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc., and to create and disseminate photo stories about them, so that people can see, recognize, and support contemporary art and those who create this art. In the framework of the project, F8 club members got acquainted and conducted interviews with 13 young artists. The students produced photo stories that were put on display.

In his opening remarks, Ayb School Executive Director David Sahakyan emphasized the cultural value of the project, while Project-Based Learning Leader Araksya Martirosyan dwelled on the importance of art in Armenia, especially among young people. The opening ceremony was summarized by project participant, designer Vardan Davtyan, who told about his expectations, impressions and achievements.

Elina Danielyan, 12th grade


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