Ayb students join PASCH initiative

Since 2016, Ayb School has been a part of the PASCH initiative ("Schools: Partners for the Future“), a global network of more than 2000 schools that maintains a close relationship to both, Germany and German language. Every year, Ayb students receive general and individual scholarships from the Goethe-Institut for participation in international trainings, seminars, courses and events (over 60 scholarships from 2016 to 2021).

The students also get an opportunity to take part in the internationally recognized Goethe-Zertifikat A1-B2 exams.

The PASCH initiative is a great chance for numerous Ayb students to become a part of various camps, programs and courses. I am one of those who seized this chance to improve my German and obtain new language skills. My friends and I can assure that we gained a lot thanks to the participation in the initiative.

Revision of values

Many of my friends said that thanks to the PASCH initiative they started appreciating things they hadn’t even noticed before. Germany is among the world countries that invests huge resources in environment protection and prevention of pollution. For example, during the PASCH digital youth camp we got an opportunity to reveal the worst pollution reasons through discussions, video materials and articles. As result of a teamwork, we designed programs to save our water, air and energy resources. This event helped us comprehend the importance of environment protection and changed our vision for the future of our planet.

New friends from different parts of the world

This is the one of the greatest achievements for all of us. This initiative helped us find friends from Indonesia, India, Macedonia, Namibia, France and other countries. I keep in touch with many of them to discuss implementation of the future projects.

Intercultural exchange

Close communication with the representatives of other cultures brings about intercultural exchange. It’s noteworthy that during the Data CTRL hackathon we were granted time to present our culture and traditions. Of course, my schoolmates and I didn’t miss the opportunity to talk about the Armenian cultural heritage – the music composed by Tigran Mansuryan, apricots, pomegranates, Lake Sevan and Mount Ararat. We were happy to see our foreign friends were fascinated

New knowledge

Participation in the PASCH initiative is first of all acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Along with mastering robotics and programming, we managed to improve our language skills thanks to the uninterrupted contact with the foreign teammates.

In addition to all these professional advantages, we spent wonderful time together and took home sweet memories about the program participants. We all come across difficulties and problems, and we have aims that demand huge efforts. Initiatives like PASCH teach us to face challenges and move ahead bravely. I am proud to be a part of this initiative and hope it will go on.

Nare Sukiasyan, 12th grade


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