2023-2024 PBL Clubs

Green Physics

Project Lead: Slavik Alaverdyan

Project: The Way of the Wind

As part of the project, the club members aim to develop a small wind farm that will use the wind produced by moving vehicles on the road to generate electricity. The power station will be installed in roadside areas and illuminate the road. The students will also search for energy storage solutions by means of recycling and reuse.

Green Chemistry

Project Leads: Lilit Hambardzumyan, Levon Sargsyan

Projects: Powerfill; Bioplastics; Heavy Metals in Water

The Powerfill project deals with factories in an effort to mitigate some of the issues brought on by climate change. The excessive accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the consequent global warming have become a grave environmental problem. Since the beginning of industrialization, there has been an increase in gas emissions, with factories and automobiles being the primary cause. In addition to generating severe natural disasters like floods, emissions are also harmful to human health, leading to hearing, visual, and respiratory conditions. The Powerfill project provides a type of equipment that is fastened to the industrial pipe and is intended to absorb carbon dioxide gas through a sorbent system integrated into it. After serving its purpose, the sorbent can be used as a building material or fertilizer.

The use of polymers containing synthetic additives has been shown to have detrimental effects on the environment in recent decades. The Green Chemistry club came up with a solution to this issue: making biopolymers out of potato starch, glycerin, and gelatin without any synthetic additives. Biodegradable polymers created by the club can become an alternative to polymers that pollute the environment, as they easily decompose in water and soil.

The Bioplastics project implemented by the club offers to make a biodegradable polymer from liquid raw materials without using any synthetic additives to the raw materials. During the 2023-2024 academic year, the club will attempt to manufacture a device that produces biodegradable polymer film in this way. The students will also conduct research on creating biodegradable polymers from other raw materials, such as banana peels.

The club's Heavy Metals in Water project is dedicated to the issue of having safe drinking water, which has grown to be a significant worldwide challenge for the twenty-first century. The goal of the project is to find a sorbent that will effectively absorb several types of heavy metals from water and to create a water purification station, working by the principle of an absorption tower or a sequencing batch reactor.

Medical Research Club

Project Lead: Tigran Aghabekyan

Project: Outline

Eating disorders are pretty common in the world, including in Armenia. As a rule, people are either unaware of it or do not get appropriate care. As part of the project, a social support website will be created with the goal to raise public awareness and prevent the spreading of eating disorders. The website will offer new and interesting tools that will enable those interested to get verified information in Armenian and will create a reliable and comfortable environment for people suffering from eating disorders. The site will provide two-way support.

Arvestanots (Art Studio)

Project Lead: Mari Adamyan

Project: Rural Art

The Rural Art project aims to visualize the culture of the rural community and build partnerships with rural schools in the fields of education and culture. Children will learn how to create characters and conduct interviews during seminars where they will be briefed on the project's fundamentals.

Immersive Theater

Project Lead: Davit Khalatyan

The Immersive Theater Club is operating for the first year. The project aims to break preconceptions about theater and introduce people to a branch that is not so popular in Armenia: immersive theater, where the audience is engaged in the performance along with the actors.


Project Leads: Vahagn Papayan, Erik Aloyan

The Rockestra Club resumed its activities in the 2023-2024 academic year with a new project. The club members succeeded in studying the intricacies of playing musical instruments and their evolution during the performances of various rock bands. Having noticed that they are often based on literary works, the club members decided to dedicate this year's project to the fusion of rock music and literature. Since Ayb School highlights the role of interdisciplinary connections in learning, this became a driving force for the project implementation.

During the research stage, the students made many discoveries and compiled a list of musical and literary works. Currently, they are busy writing and publishing articles. One of the crucial elements of the project is the creation of a website where the club will upload the results of its 10-year activity: performances, materials, articles, etc. As part of the project, the students will take the stage for a traditional year-end educational concert to illuminate the connection between rock music and literature.

Rockestra has implemented a number of successful projects in the last ten years: Music Map (2022), Made in Armenia (2021), "80 Accords Around the World" (2020), and others. Each project aimed to introduce the audience to some music-related phenomena: approaches to listening to music, musical scales, instrumentation, different music bands, etc. Over a span of ten years, the club’s members, both students and alumni, contributed to its work.


Project Leads: Ani Hakobyan, Nelli Safaryan

Projects: Haypod; and For You, Aznavour

Students interested in media careers joined the Multimedia Club to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field. They will learn to communicate their ideas and create relevant content while gaining hands-on experience in digital media, journalism, filmmaking, editing, cinematography, and screenwriting. The club intends to carry out two major initiatives this year, one of which is split into two branches based on similar themes.

Haypod is a series of podcasts based on true stories collected and presented by club members. Born last year, this project is meant to discover the identity of the Artsakh Republic. The podcasts about the seven regions of Artsakh will narrate the chronicle of this amazing land. Some of the stories will be told by the locals themselves in the sweet Artsakh dialect. Appropriate sound design and original style will add to the vibrant atmosphere.

The second project is titled “For You, Aznavour.” We have numerously heard about and witnessed Charles Aznavour's pro-Armenian activities. However, few people imagine how much the great singer did for the development of global culture. This year, we will not miss the opportunity to present the project to honor his 100th birthday anniversary.

The project consists of two parts: a hit parade podcast and a short film helping the audience learn more about Aznavour as a father, patriot, husband, singer, etc. We aim to make Aznavour's name heard everywhere and to offer people an opportunity to see him from a different perspective.

As part of the club's mission, a number of hands-on classes in filmmaking and audio editing with the assistance of seasoned experts are already being planned. There will also be visits by renowned figures in a range of multimedia industries (such as screenwriters, producers, and editors).

We appreciate our collaboration with Progress Studio, Podcastle AI, Gyumri Youth Center, and Gorgeouz Beats companies, which provide us with substantial technical support.

Engineer Club (Fab Lab)

Project Leads: Derenik Danielyan, Ruben Kerobyan

Project: Creation of Drones

As a continuation of its activities, the club intends this year to present a more challenging project: Creation of Drones The goal is to create such drones that are able to navigate, discover and differentiate objects, deliver cargos, overcome obstacles as well as spread liquids. Through this project, the club will try to have its contribution to the development of this field, so the club is planning to take part in the Havk 2024 competition of drones, with the anticipation of new successes.

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