Ayb School represents Armenia at The Earth Prize international competition

We have reached a new milestone. Ayb School team represents Armenia at The Earth Prize international competition has made it to the final along with the best 10 participating teams. Our team consisting of 12th-grade students Ilya Lalazaryan, Nane Yengibaryan, and Mary Shushanyan participates in the contest with the Rene’Mask project under the guidance of Ayb School chemistry teacher Lilit Hambardzumyan.

516 schools from 144 countries – a total of 560 teams – filed applications for participation in the competition. In the final, Armenia will compete with the teams from the UK, Vietnam, Switzerland, Taiwan, Canada, UAE, South Korea, Japan, and Kenia. The top ten teams are from world-famous colleges like Eton College (UK), Havergal College (Canada), International School of Zug and Luzern (Switzerland), and others.

The Earth Prize is a global $200,000 environmental sustainability competition for students between the ages of 13 and 19 which will reward the teams whose projects have the most potential to address environmental issues.

The Rene’Mask project was spearheaded by Ilya Lalazaryan, who conducted thorough research and set numerous laboratory experiments to process facial protection items into fuel. The purpose of this project is to solve two problems – save the environment from pollution and produce an alternative energy source that can be used for some heating appliances and engines.

The final is scheduled for March 25. The students will present their projects to the jury online.

We do believe in the victory of our team that will belong not only to our team but to Armenia. We are confident that education is the key to our country’s development and success.


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