Welcome to Ayb: 12th-grade students meet first-graders

September 1 was the day of the first bell for the first-graders and the last bell for the 12th-grade students.

September 1, the Knowledge Day, was filled with warmth, flowers, balloons, smiles, and the sun. The welcoming event started with the arrival of 2th-12th grade students, who were greeted by the school principal and spiritual leader. Afterward, the flags of Ayb School, Ayb community, and the Republic of Armenia were raised, to make us feel the importance of the moment, stay true to the Ayb principles and become the builders of our country’s future.

The flag raising ceremony was followed by distribution of awards for the efficient community service. The students, who spent their year in accordance with the 8 Ayb principles were also awarded. The event was completed with a traditional 'Tamzara' round-dance.

Now it was the turn to welcome the first-graders. With smiling eyes and bright smiles, the juniors and their parents entered Ayb School, where they were met by teachers and high school students. These children came to school to discover a new world.

The 4th-grade students delivered welcoming speeches for the juniors, while 12th-graders recollected their first years at school and the whole journey. To mark the beginning of the new academic year, all performed a round-dance.

Ayb School started the year with 473 students: 36 first-graders, 60 high school students, of whom 23 are from Ayb Middle School. 8 students transferred from Dilijan Central School. 29 students are newcomers to Ayb. 10 students were additionally admitted to Middle School.

Arevik Melikyan, 12th grade


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