First stage of cooperation project with Russia-based School of Life implemented

The cooperation between the students of Ayb School and Russia-based School of Life started in Middle School under the guidance of the 8th grade mentor Astghik Kharatyan and with the assistance of Russian language and history teachers. The purpose of the project was the development of intercultural communication.

During the first stage, the students got acquainted with each other and their schools. The students at the School of Life told when and how the school was established. It was founded 8 years ago by entrepreneur Gleb Yuni, who wanted to build a school, where his own children will study. His idea was supported by his friend, Ian Patlis. The students also told about the school’s peculiarities and various opportunities it offers.

Ayb school 8th grade students, in turn, presented their school with an interesting video that describes their school life. They also dwelled on the eight fundamental principles of Ayb student.

After presenting their schools, the students talked about their hobbies and expectations from the project.

During the second and third stages, the project participants will engage in a joint work. They will form teams, which will discover the cultures of the two countries anew.

Armenuhi Stepanyan, 11the grade


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