Marketing in these days: training for PBL students

Activity in social media, product advertisement, and ad campaigns: all this is done for people surfing the internet. And this is done by a special category of professionals, i.e. marketing experts. This specialty has become one of the most demanded and indispensable nowadays and each of us should have some idea about all this.

Marketing manager Taron Papikyan held a training for the Ayb Project-Based Learning club members, sharing with them some marketing and social media management basics and skills.

What is marketing and which are its stages?

Just imagine a situation when a company decides to create a product that will be very useful for people. First, the company should conduct research to understand what people need. Research is one of the most important components of marketing. Afterward, the production stage begins and when the product is ready, the time comes to tell people about it.

Which tools should be used? How should the product be presented to future customers? Marketing specialists give answers to all questions of the kind. They research the market and the experience of opponent companies to find creative solutions and make the product popular. Thanks to excellent communication skills, they implement this process successfully.

Presently, the most progressive marketing platforms are the internet and social media because these are the main sources of information and the most efficient way to tell users about new products is by spreading information through them.

Mr. Papikyan talked about the tools that help achieve success and provide the info the customers need. He also said that publishing posts from time to time and keeping the audiences tuned is also among the most important marketing aspects.

Nare Kurghinyan

11th grade


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