Ayb School English teacher Tatevik Barseghyan speaks at TEFL conference

Ayb School teachers actively participate in various conferences and projects related to professional development. Thus, English teacher Tatevik Barseghyan was elected to speak at a TEFL conference. TEFL, an acronym for "Teaching English as a Foreign Language," is a field of education dedicated to teaching non-native English speakers how to write, read, and speak English. Regularly held, TEFL conferences provide a platform for educators to present their insights, strategies, and research.

Ms. Barseghyan's theme for the conference was "Intercultural Communication Skills in English Language Teaching." It reflects her area of research interest: the changing landscape of language education. In an interconnected world, understanding different cultures is an essential skill for English learners.

In her report, Ms. Barseghyan offered valuable insights for educators to develop an inclusive and culturally sensitive language-learning environment. She has researched ways to incorporate cultural elements into language classes, foster open dialogue, and encourage students to appreciate the power of global communication.

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