Tree planting in sacred memory of Victor Akulian and Samvel Dovlatyan

A tree planting ceremony and a commemoration event took place at Ayb School to honor the memory of Ayb mentors and donors Samvel Dovlatyan and Victor Akulian.

The tree panting ceremony was blessed by Father Mesrop Aramian. In his address to the community, Father Mesrop said, in part, “They will find their place in nature and in our minds. Life is faith, and faith is blooming and yielding fruit. Samvel and Victor believed in Ayb ideas and joined our movement for the sake of a better education.”

Father Mesrop emphasized that the secret of Ayb success lies in the ability to transform people’s lives.

“God willing, we will build the Armenia our friends dreamt about,” he said.

Ayb School donor and mentor Sargis Badalyan added, “The power of Ayb is in remembering and appreciating our friends. A person dies when people stop thinking of them. All of us will remember Victor and Samvel every day.”

Victor Akulian’s and Samvel Dovlatyan’s students also attended the commemoration event. They remembered their mentors, praising their kindness.

The Ayb community members promised to always remember Victor Akulian and Samvel Dovlatyan as caring friends, professionals, investors, and kindest people.

May them rest in peace.


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