Tumanyan Week at Ayb School

We have Metsarents, we have Teryan, and many other poets

But Tumanyan is the rising Ararat of our poetry world

This is how Yeghishe Charents describes All-Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan whose birthday anniversary is celebrated in Armenia as the Book Giving Day. This day gains more and more popularity throughout the country year by year. From February 13 to 17, Ayb School held a series of educational and entertaining events dedicated to the Armenian language and the Book Giving Day.

The week started with 11th-grade student Lily Tovmasyan’s recital and a discussion of Tumanya’s quatrains. Afterward, the students presented their research. Those who delivered the three best analyses were awarded books.

The next day we had a D.E.A.R (Drop everything and read) flash mob to promote reading as a leisure activity. The day was exciting and unique.

On the third day, at the initiative of the motivation team, the students of grades 9-12 engaged in an educational book game that aimed to inspire a love for reading. The best participants were gifted books.

The fourth day featured a dramatic art masterclass with a recital of a modern play authored by Yasmina Reza. The event aimed to familiarize students with present-day playwriting. On the final day, Ayb students gifted books to the school library to replenish it with new and interesting editions. An exhibition of Tumanyan’s book covers was also held.

Filled with memorable events, the Tumanyan Week ended with a performance dedicated to the great poet’s birth anniversary. Ayb Middle School choir, under Anahit Papayan, presented a video of Tumanyan’s lullaby.


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